​Now Hiring Near Me.

now hiring near me

Now hiring near me. If you entered this search phrase in google and you live in NYC, you are in luck.

Would you be interested in earning $62,400/yr part-time and more full-time?

Are you 24 years of age or older and have a valid NYS driver’s license of 2 years or more?

If you answered yes to the questions above and you have a GED or better; you can stop your job search now.

These are the minimum requirements for a position where, with the proper training, you could control your time and your income.

Fuzion Driving School, a premiere driving school in NYC is looking for a few good people to train as driving instructors.

Our instructor training is second to none and will position you where you will never have to look for a job again.

Unlike other jobs where you fear being down-sized or out-sourced; as an instructor you will have no fear.

You see, instructor jobs will always be in demand and can never be out-sourced.

In addition, every day someone turns 16 years of age in NYC so you will never be out of a fresh supply of new students to teach.

Plus, Fuzion Driving School is uniquely positioned on Google so we get a huge volume of calls from new students daily.

So as an instructor for Fuzion Driving School, you will always be making money.

​Ready to embark on a career where you can control your time and income and never have to worry about job hunting again?

Then I invite you to click here and join us as we create safe drivers in NYC.

​Job or financial independence, which do you really seek?

​If you entered the search term: "Now Hiring Near Me" in Google search, it indicates that you are or were searching for a job.  

But are you really looking for a job or is it financial independence that you seek?

To gain financial independence, you have to control two variables: time and the amount you are being paid per unit time.  

At Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn, we teach you how to take control of these two variables.

So if you are ready to control your time and income,
click here now to attend our next class.

​More than just another employee

Searching online using the keyword: now hiring near me indicates that you are or were looking for a job.

That is you want to become an employee of a business.  That's all well and good for other businesses but not for Fuzion Driving School.

You see, we realized a long time ago that boss-employees arrangements are lose, lose arrangements.

Employees work just enough so as not to get fired and businesses pay employees just enough so they don't quit.

This is not the arrangement we want for you and us.  We are looking for more that just employees.  

We are looking for people with whom we can partner up and create an organization that will reward effort.

We are looking for people who want to build an organization that will feed us and our kids for decades to come.

​Ready to partner up with us?  Click here now.